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For many years,

Barbados has been deemed an ideal jurisdiction for persons to operate their business and wealth. Companies wishing to thrive in the highly competitive global market utilize Barbados as a platform for international business by capitalizing on the business-friendly environment, high-quality infrastructure, tax advantages, investment protection and strong human capital.

Political stability.
Barbados is a small country with a solid tradition of democracy and political stability for more than 50 years. Barbados has a Westminster style democracy and the Central Bank of Barbados is the prudential regulator. As an independent country Barbados maintains High Commissions in Venezuela, Brazil, USA, UK and Canada among many others.

The US Barbados DTA.

Barbados is the only jurisdiction in the Caribbean with an established double tax treaty network as and a well regulated low tax international financial center that has a DTA with the USA. Barbados has an extensive double tax treaty network with more than 30 countries, including agreements with Cuba, UK, Luxembourg, Canada. There are other treaties under negotiation.

Barbados also offers a good quality of life and a range of international lifestyles due to its positioning as a luxury tourism destination. Barbados is, therefore, the ideal place in the Caribbean to base your international business and wealth management structure.

Mithril Tax Law Barbados
International Tax Law Firm

Why Mithril Tax Law?

Our clients need to be tax and regulatory compliant in multiple jurisdictions.


  • We understand how your tax advice from different jurisdictions needs to work together.
  • We will implement and advise you on how to manage your cross border tax structure.
  • You can be sure you can trust us.

We will save you time and costs in coordinating your international tax legal advice across all of the necessary service providers you work with, in all of the different jurisdictions.

International Tax Law firm

The Boutique Approach

As an owner manager, it is not possible to manage your international business and wealth management with large institutions that have hundreds of clients. They do not have the time to get to know you and your family.


In the new international financial system, knowledge is required in order for solutions to be effective, and for your family, investments and business to be protected. The world is about to go through unprecedented uncertainty. If you don’t know your service providers, and the advisor does not really know you, they won’t be there for you when you need them.

International Tax Law Firm

Mithril Tax Law will…

Get to know you.
As a boutique company, with a small number of clients, you, our customer can get to know us and trust us. Unlike large firms and institutions, we can and will invest the time to actually know you. We can help you, when you and your family need us the most.


Take an international approach.
We have experience in working closely with the US, UK, Canadian and Latin American tax advisors. We understand how to implement and effectively operate your tax advice.


Help you when you need it.
We create and manage customized solutions for each and every one of our clients.