International Tax Law Firm

International Tax Law

We provide commercial, functional, international tax planning that is tailored to protect your wealth and assets. Sometimes US professional international tax advice is complex and difficult to understand. We can understand the US legal advice and ensure that the implementation of your US Barbados structure is correct and effective.


We enable our clients to use Barbados for internationally tax compliant cross border business and wealth management structures. We will enable you to acquire the right advice from multiple jurisdictions, so your business and wealth management platforms remains compliant at all times.

International Trusts

Mithril tax law will provide Barbados legal services in relation to the establishment and operation of Barbados trusts, as well as obtaining the US legal advice to establish and operate US and hybrid trusts.


We will facilitate the acquisition of US legal advice for US trusts for the combination of legal advice needed to establish and operate cross border, foreign, or hybrid trusts for non-US international families, business owners and investors.

We are experts at instructing US tax and estate planning attorneys to get you the right advice that you need to operate effectively.

  • Barbados trusts.
  • US trusts.
  • Canadian trusts
  • Hybrid trusts.
  • Florida trusts.
  • US Business trusts.
International Tax Law Firm

Cross border white collar crime

We coordinate and assemble cross border legal advice that helps our clients and their families. This can involve dealing with multi-jurisdictional compliance obligations while managing criminal legal defenses.

  • Unfreezing bank accounts and assets.
  • Red Notices.
  • Multi-jurisdictional criminal litigation.
  • Forensic evidence.
  • Complex multi-jurisdictional
  • money laundering litigation.
  • International human rIghts.

Cross border M&A.

Owner managers who are considering either growing their business or selling their business, will have not only financial objectives, but the long term welfare of their family at heart.


Working with an independent advisor such as Mithril Tax law that is not connected to any financial institution or private equity house that is purely focused on deal points, can be of strategic long term value.

Mithril provides owner managers and their families with strategic legal advice that benefits the business and the family.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Privacy is a challenge today as legal advice for international tax planning is under increased scrutiny. We help our clients achieve legitimate confidentiality with the right legal advice.

International Tax Law Firm

Implementation of tax advice.

Mithril will provide commercial, functional, international tax-planning advice that is tailored to protect your wealth and assets. We have experience in working with tax advisors from your jurisdictions and we understand how to implement and operate the tax advice that they give you.

Mithril Tax Law will understand your tax advice, implement your tax structure and makes sure the objectives of your family and business are always achieved.

Active business

Mithril will provide you with all of the
legal advice necessary to enable your
business to be operated both legally
and efficiently. Mithril’s legal advice will

  • Transfer pricing
  • Economic substance
  • Active business income

Cross border Compliance

Mithril Tax Law will provide clients with legal advice and guidance with regards to dealing with whether or not reporting is required under:

  • The Common Reporting System (“CRS”).
  • Economic Substance legislation.
  • AML and Continuous Risk Assessment.

Cross border fundraising

Mithril Tax Law can help clients with international fundraising. We have experience and capabilities in cross border private placements, crowd funding, listing shares and
digital security tokens. Mithril can produce or help you produce, propositions for use with fundraising. We can also help with:

  •  Barbados, US and UK private placement exemptions
  • Registrations for exemptions
  • Private placement memorandums
  • Pitch decks
  •  Subscription agreements
  • Financial projections

Mithril will source the necessary legal advice from the US and UK, and combine them for an optimal international outcome and operation.

International Tax Law Firm