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Owning international businesses or investments is increasingly challenging and costly due to new and increased taxes, information exchange between tax authorities, new anti-money laundering laws and increased economic uncertainty.

International tax and compliance advice has to be implemented and operated correctly at all times otherwise families, assets and profits will not be protected.

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When it comes to protecting your family the
problem with

Large institutions and service providers is that they are sometimes difficult to get to know and trust. Quite often large investment businesses don’t know you and your family due to the large number of other customers.

Warning signals on protection of wealth

There are worrying warning signals in the year 2020; banks are going bankrupt, there are nationalized pensions in Spain and Poland, there is increased risk of criminalization of cross border payments, and central banks are buying tonnes of physical gold. Governments all over the world are introducing wealth taxes, exchange controls and trade policies, and are increasingly cooperating on the taxation of cross border flows. These global economic changes ultimately reduce wealth and increase risk.

Owner managers must change the way they do business in order to protect their wealth and families in the future. Only someone who knows you will work with you to help you protect your family. Unlike larger companies, Mithril Tax Law is a boutique law firm for owner managers and their families.


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