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Selecting and Investing US Commercial Realestate

Our South Florida and Barbados real estate service enables clients to choose strategic real estate investments for long term value. Our Service Approach enables our clients to find value in investment opportunities in residential and commercial buildings.

We don’t list properties and we are not a real estate sales company.

Why Invest in US Commercial
Real Estate Now?

International trade and wealth management are both linked and are undergoing significant change globally. With Governments increasing taxation internationally, the global investment outlook continues to be uncertain and the economic cycle is going to change, although it is not clear when.


Luxury residential and commercial real estate opportunities that are selected for value, will continue to be a part of a robust wealth management strategy. Mithril International provides clients with the ability to take a closer look and select real estate investments strategically positioned for value and investment growth.

A robust strategic investment opportunity will do four things:

  • Realize value
  • Appreciate
  • Generate Cashflow
  • Build Equity

Now is not the time to invest in luxury for mainly aesthetic reasons and hope for robust value.
A more granular approach to real estate investment is required now. If strategically positioned for value Luxury resident or commercial real estate will have these features.

International Tax Law Firm


Your strategy

We establish your objectives.


Finding options

We find three or more suitable opportunities


Due diligence

Legal, technical and financial – Where is the value


Cashflow dynamics

Understand why your investment will generate cashflow.


Where real estate investment needs to align with family needs.

Cross border investment and tax structuring

Our business focuses on cross border solutions and arrangements.


US and Barbados brokers and lawyers.

Project management

An opportunity to retain value and manage risk.

Marketing and operation

We can help match your real estate with your first client.

Miami & South Florida Commercial Real Estate

We have always focused on the search for strategically positioned real estate and value that will remain robust through the changes in international trade, cross border wealth management and economic cycles. This business was borne out of providing this approach to family and friends. We continue to take this boutique approach to clients we have long term relationships with.

Fixed Price Fees

We will agree fixed fees for our services apart from real estate brokerage fees which are subject to regulations in Florida and Barbados.

Luxury Real estate in Barbados

Barbados, the eastern most Caribbean Island, has not been hit by a Hurricane since 1955. A combination of Luxury real estate in Barbados and since 1984, the USA Barbados Double Taxation Treaty, can significantly enhance wealth management opportunities and increase investment yield. International tax law is undergoing massive change and Barbados luxury real estate offers financial long-term value that other Caribbean luxury destinations cannot and do not.